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Soul Nutrients – White Swans

The drive time from my house to my Retroagogo! Studio used to be just about twenty-five minutes, before I moved to Owosso, MI. Now I have a longer drive in, yet still enjoyable. If you are anything like me, you break your drive-time-routine into visual sections. For instance, on my prior drive into the Studio: […]


Soul Nutrients – We all Have Magic to Share

So proud that Retroagogo! and the team of terrific folks that come to work everyday, were honored at the Capital Building in Lansing last Wednesday. Supporting Genesis House is just the natural thing to do and it feels right, not only for business, but right for the heart. What is Genesis House anyway? They’re a […]


Soul Nutrients – Will I be Okay Enough?

“Will I be Okay Enough?” …that was one of the many questions I frequently asked myself when I was in the throes of my illness. When this or that event happens, will I be okay enough to go? Was I going to feel like a ghost standing with distant eyes in front of someone wishing […]


Soul Nutrients – The OCD Stories Podcast

Hi Friends, Recently I was fortunate and enjoyed a conversation with Stuart Ralph on his podcast, The OCD Stories. If you care to listen this Sunday, just click the link below. We talk about illness, wellness and a whole lot more. I was incredibly emotional that day, and almost canceled, however—I pushed through my anxiety […]


Soul Nutrients – Chasing the Imaginary Bullseye

Chasing the imaginary bullseye. The Practice: Allowing enough to be enough. I completely understand the feeling of needing to do something the “right way”–I just found out recently that there is something called, “Just Right OCD”. I had no idea, even after writing my book, “Leaving the OCD Circus,” that there was such a classification. […]