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Truth Nuggets

Quotes. Colloquialisms Slang. I love them all! They can be wonderful teaching tools, inspiring truth nuggets, and/or pieces of our history. In my book, I have many quotes sprinkled throughout the pages. I wanted to create a rich experience for the reader and another way to connect on a deeper level. Below is one quote […]


Time Reflection

Came across this pile of old keys and such in our junk drawer over the weekend. They were way in back of the drawer and I haven’t seen them for years. I know, that at one time, all of this “stuff” which now seems like garbage to me, was important and significant. Now, I frankly […]


Soul Nutrients – A Love Letter

Dear OCD,   Although you have given me quite a lot of protection over the years, you have also given me a lot of pain and suffering. When I am with you, I no longer feel good about myself. Even though our time together has been very intimate, I cannot say that it has been […]


State of Purgatory

I have been sorting through some files of old writings that I did many years ago. I was under so much stress and duress with my illness that I seemed to write a lot during the throughs of it. It was a means of reaching out, to let someone, something, some imagined angel even, know […]


Soul Nutrients – New Street

While the rest of the world is wishing you a Happy New Year, I wish you a Happy New Street! Below is a favorite of mine and it comes with a big message of heightened awareness and hope as we step into 2018. AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN FIVE SHORT CHAPTERS By Portia Nelson Chapter I I walk […]